Food and Beverage Incubation

The Food and Beverage Incubation by Africa Skills Hub is an initiative designed to catalyze food innovations in Ghana due to rising levels of gender inequality in our socio-economic architecture. Early-Stage Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) will experience unique learning experiences delivered through various COVID-19 recognized protocol methods such as e-coaching, e-learning, peer-to-peer networking, business training, access to market, access to capital, and sexual gender violence-based training.

The uniqueness of this initiative is in its core use of innovative approaches such as food and beverage to unlock food creativity in northern Ghana. These micro-enterprises will have the opportunity to participate in the incubation and receive training on food and beverage standardization and innovation.


The Suhuyini Food & Beverage Incubation program offers many benefits to selected candidates including

● Food innovation and standardization support.
● Market access, building digital resilience, marketing intelligence, and effective business development scaling techniques.
● Access to Capital and Funding Opportunities


● Young Entrepreneur between the age of 18-35years
● Early or existing food entrepreneur with a unique food product requiring investment or scale-up
● Ready to commit to a 3-month incubation program